Go Ape! With special guest: Sheik Inkhazi


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Yes it's true! We have friends! And he came to visit! For the very first time we have a special mystery guest: Nobody will ever know the identity of Sheik Inkhazi, but everyone will enjoy his fine black gold!

Even the better organised guest couldn't fix this particularily chaotic episode:
Nicky Robbins - Going To A Party (ROYALTY)
Wee Willie Harris - I Go Ape (CHRALIE PARKER)
Wynonie Harris - Tell A Whale Af A Tale (ATCO)
Billie J. Killen - Georgia Boy (MERIDIAN)
Bill Royal - Caffeine, Nicotine And Gasoline (ODESSA)
Vance Williams - The Legend Of Georgia Moon (TRUMPET)
Cecil Campbell - Fog Rising On The Mountain (MGM)
Joel Warren - Evil Boll Weevil (KAPP)
Joe Ann Stokes - Weeds Above My Grave (VETCO)
Conchita Velasco - Una Oportunidad (BELTER)
The Pirates - Cuttin' Out (BACKSTAGE)
The Sounds Of Country - The Last Man To Die (B-ROD)
The Robins - Loop De Loop Mambo (SPARK)
Red Callendar Sextette - Voodoo (HOLLYWOOD)
Ralph Young - Wichita Town (EVEREST)
Merle Kilgore - Lovers Hell (MERCURY)
Wally Deane - Drag On (ARTIC)
Dav Kipp - Yea! My Baby Loves Me (CORAL)
The Coachmen - Mr. Moon (BEAR)
McKinley Mitchell - You're Not Gonna Break My Heart (ONE-DERFUL)
Hawkshaw Hawkins - I'm A Lone Wolf (KING)
Dicke Lee - Good Lovin' (SUN)
John Kerby - Get Hot Or Go Home (DIANE)
The Southcoasters - Wild Train (NEW SOUTH)
Johnny Horton - Train With A Rhumba Beat (MERCURY)
Bixie Crawford - Go 'Way Blues (C-NOTE)
Cecil Foutch - Little Bird (DEL-RAY)
Bob Jaxon - Do The People (20th Fox)
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