Good In Bed?


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Yes, we're good in bed... just sleeping and dreaming of records, while outside there's too much snow. That's why this episode came a bit late, but at least you get the usual concept-free hour of infotainment!

Why don't you all go wild?!
Lance Roberts - Have Myself A Ball (DECCA)
Penny West - Lonesome Blues (OZARK)
Don Burton - You're Fire (DIAL)
Cris Stamos - Gypsy Love (DART)
Jerry Wallace - Good And Bad (CHALLENGE)
Dub Dickerson - My Gal Gertie (CAPITOL)
Danny Dill - My Girl And His Girl (ABC)
Bob Roark - Walk On Boy (VPR)
Jackie Lee Cochran - Mama Don't You Think I Know (DECCA)
Ronnie Dee - Action Packed (BACK BEAT)
Stuart Hamblen - Hell Train (RCA)
Virgil Holmes - Ghost Train (ATLANTIC)
The Ugly Ducklings - Nothin' (YORKTOWN)
Guido D'Amico - I'm In Love With You (QUALITY)
The Chieftones - Indian Moon (CLAREMONT)
Tex Williams - Thunder On The River (SHASTA)
George Darro - Too Much Snow (NATIONWIDE)
Kenny Ball - 900 Miles (JERDEN)
Jerry Reed - Rockin' In Bagdad (CAPITOL)
The Beats - Bagdad Daddy (DESIGN)
The Just Luv - Valley Of Hate (M-S)
Pee Wee King - Why Don't You All Go Home (RCA)
Judy Sword - D.B. Cooper, Where Are You? (LAVENDER)

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