Hang Your Pretty Records By My Bed!


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The two-faced travellin' caveman with the horn of a rhinoceros loves flertie gerties hipbone! Lotsa talkin' and gigglin' again, but this time interrupted by some great 78's and the usual mess ups. Enjoy!

what you see is what you get:
Terry Fell - Caveman (RCA)
Dick Curless - Travellin' Man (TOWER)
Shelly Lee Alley - Hang Your Pretty Things By My Bed (VOCALION)
The Jiv-A-Tones - Flirtie Gertie (FELSTED)
Charlie Gore - Oh Mis'rable Love (KING)
Rod Willis - Ol' Man Mose (CHIC)
Ted West - Call Of The Devils Rider (MGM)
Della Hicks - When De Debbil Taps You On De Back (RUBY)
Terry Preston - Tennessee Hillbilly Ghost (4-STAR)
Wayne Cochran - Liza Jane (GALA)
Tommy Scott - Freckle-Faced Gal (FEDERAL)
Johnny Fallin - Wild Streak (COLUMBIA)
Howington Brothers - Two Faced (DECCA)
Louisiana Red - Ride On Red, Ride On (ROULETTE)
Stan Robinson - Rhinoceros (AMY)
Happy Wilson - Haunted House Boogie (MGM)
Big Buddy K - Lumber City (VEE JAY)
Doodle Duncan - Death Row (LIN)
Tommy Faile - Ball And Chain (NOB)
Don Sargent - St James Infirmary (WORLD PACIFIC)
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