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Nooo, of course not - but some guys sure deserve to get a few karate chops. Happy women's day!

You didn't tune in to no saint!
Donna Kramer - A Bowl Of Cherries (COUNTRY BOY)
Sharlet Sexton - You Just Don't Turn Me On (RIMROCK, from LP)
Nancy Adams - Somebody's In My Orchard (RCA)
Cathy Carr - Dark River (ROULETTE)
Jean Shepard - Two Whoops And A Holler (CAPITOL)
Joyce Green - Black Cadillac (VADEN, from repro)
Bob and Lucille - Demon Lover (DITTO)
Charline Arthur - Burn That Candle (RCA, from LP)
May Hawks - Meet Me Down In Nashville (FORTUNE)
The Collins Kids - I'm In My Teens (COLUMBIA)
Eddie Hickey - Lady May (DECCA UK)
Bobby & Glen - The Last Mile (PEP)
Al Dean - Hangman (SONIC)
Tony Shepperd - Zach (RCA)
Neil Ray - Big Fanny (PLANTATION)
Bill Sherrell - Yes, No Or Maybe (TYME)
Bobby Lewis - I'm Nervous (SABER)
Rodney Scott - Bitter Tears (MR PEEKE)
Willie Hays - Walking The Streets After Dark (JEWEL)
Jody Reynolds - Closin' In (DEMON)
The Hill-Dillies - Women's Liberation (HILL-DILLIES?)
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