Naughty Punkanilla


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Four Johnnys and one Bobby done gone on a lonely island, getting their thrills loading coal. The joke ends here

one X and a Y... but why?
The Quarter Notes - Punkanilla (RCA)
Bobby One - Cry Of The Wild Goose (NRC)
The Sentinals - Latin'ia (ERA)
Dennis Roberts - Blue Carnation (SIMS)
Fannom Patrick - Eva (SWAN)
Johnny Rose - Linda Lea (CAPITOL)
Don Elliott - Long Black Automobile (GONE)
Dorsey Burnette - Devil's Queen (ABBOTT)
Rex & Herb - Come Back Big Bertha (JANET)
Howard Perkins - Double Clutchin' Man (GO-T)
George & Earl - Done Gone (MERCURY)
Jerry Irby - Clickety Clack (DAFFAN)
Johnny Bond - Wildcat Boogie (COLUMBIA)
Johnny Reno - Naughty Mama (VALLEY'S MEADOWLARK)
Eddie Cash - Lonely Island (ROULETTE)
David Beatty - I Just Got Off The Devil's Train (NOEL)
Chuck Miller - Baltimore Jones (MERCURY)
Johnny Cash - Loading Coal (COLUMBIA)
The Jaybees - I'm A Loner (RCA)
The Rhythm Addicts - The Thrill (FRANTIC)
Bo Diddley - Aztec (CHECKER)

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