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We were afraid of doing episode no. 13, cause we couldn't find any records with a superstitious subject. But at least we failed at doing the livestream we promised before!

as mean as a cobra through and through:
Jimmie James - Run Son Run (CARL)
The Tennessee Drifters - Chinese Maid (MAID, from DeeJay reissue)
The Coasters - Run Red Run (ATCO)
The Landsmen - The Cat (SOUTH COAST)
Jimmy Johnson - How About Me? Pretty Baby (VIV)
Tabby West - Texas Millionaire (DECCA)
Dickie Thompson - Thirteen Women (HERALD, from LP)
Betty Foley - Old Moon (BANDERA)
Charles Walton - Teen Age Blues (SKY)
Bobby Lord - No More, No More, No More (COLUMBIA)
Chance Halladay - Bury Me Deep (BULL DOG)
Trini Lopez - Sinner Not A Saint (COLUMBIA)
Lonnie Donegan - Lorelei (PYE)
Cory Wells - Sinner Man (VALIANT)
The Animals - I'm Crying (MGM)
The Connoissurs - Count Macabre (M-P)
Dave Lowe - A Tramp (LIBERTY BELL)
Merle Kilgore - The Bell Witch (MGM)
Shady Wall - The New Raunchy (DECCA)
Lawton Williams - Satan's Bell (D)
Johnny Cole - War No More (ORIGINAL SOUND)
Curly Sanders - Walking Blues (CONCEPT)
Wayne Cochran - The Coo (SCOTTIE)

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