When a german boy has the hospitality blues!


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Just sea witch songs we got for you this time! Oh mercy, grandpa shot the octopus four times!

Lotsa hot stuff on there:
Johnny Jay Colonna aka. Quinn Miller - The Sea Witch (MAGNET)
Billie Jean Horton - Octopus (20th FOX)
Larry Young - Billy Switch (WILLET)
Charlie Gore - Black Diamond (BLANK)
Hugh Lewis - Bloody Harlan (FERN)
Cecil Bowman - Lay Your Hoe Down (D)
Chuck Reed - When A Southern Boy Sings The Blues (ROULETTE)
Doug Harrell - Hospitality Blues (COLONIAL)
Bobby Charles - One Eyed Jack (CHESS)
Conway Twitty - Big Town (self cut)
Jimmy Nichols - No Woman (TERRY)
Charles Walton - Four Four Time (SKY)
Terry Fell - I'm Hot To Trot (X)
Ann Castle - Go Get The Shotgun Grandpa (X-POWER)
Joe Price - Typhoon (STARDAY)
Johnny Fuller - Mercy Mercy (IMPERIAL)
Jim McCall - A Rover And Rambler (VETCO)
Tony Middleton - Blackjack (TRIUMPH)
Tex Williams - Money (DECCA)
Jackie Gotroe - Golden Spur (KEEN)
Dave Gardner - Mad Witch (OJ)
Dave Gardner - Fat Charlie (OJ)
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