Gone Mental Episode 352


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Episode 352 hot off the presses with another 2 hours of the greatest rocknroll on earth featuring The Quakes, The Tremors, Henry & The Bleeders, The Nevrotix, Deadbolt, Teengenerate, Naked Agression, SA90, Minestompers, Lonesome Kings, and more.
Git it.
The Quakes | Negative Charge | Just Rock(Orrexx Records)2009
Hillbilly Moon Explosion | Introducing The Hillbilly Moon Explosion | Fish Outa Water(Crazy Love Records)2002
The Tremors | Old Fashioned Hillbilly Feud | Delirious(Brain Drain Records)2014
Spellbound | Legend Of The Past | Frustrated(Tombstone Records)2004
The Space Cadets | Astrobilly Rockin' | We Just Wanna Be Loved(Vinyl Japan)1996
Rip Carson & The Twilight Trio | Stand Back | Rock Me Right(Rollin' Rock Records)2000
Henry & The Bleeders | The Beast | Skate (Slide Take)(Western Star Recordings)2019
Lennerockers | Rebels Of Nowadays | Mr. Dee Jay(Rockhouse Records)1991
Carlos & The Bandidos | The Usual Bandidos | Who Walks In?(Part Records)2003
Krewmen | Klassic Tracks From 1985! | I'm Gonna Get It(Lost Moment Records)1998
The Dirt Daubers | Wild Moon | Apples and Oranges(Plowboy Records)2013
The Nevrotix | Paranoid | Queen Of The Night(Crazy Love Records)2016
Lost Souls | Chasin' A Dream | Death Bone Alley(Nervous Records)1990
The Daffys | California Psychobilly | Hitman(Rockin Psycho Records)2011
The KDV Deviators | Me And Mr. Hyde | Deviant(Just For Fun Productions)2018
The Moonshine Stalkers | Last Day on Earth | Visitors(Diablo Records)2016
The Frogs | Revenge Of The Frogs | Oi! Oi! Oi!(Razmataz Records)2010
P.O.X. | Psycho Attack Over Europe | Baby What You Want(Kix 4 U Records)1991
Deadbolt | Zulu Death Mask | Zulu Death Mask(Headhunter Records)1998
Scott H. Biram | The Dirty Old One Man Band | Blood, Sweat And Murder(Bloodshot Records)2005
The Goddamn Gallows | Ghost Of The Rails | Pass The Bottle(Farmageddon Recrods)2010
Ruth Brown | Rock & Roll | Hello Little Boy(Atlantic)1957
The Rosalyns | Outta Reach | Go Go Gorilla(Pig Baby Records)2019
L'Assassins | Kil Kill Kill! Bang Bang Bang! | Kill Kill(Big Action Records)2014
Titty Twister | Gimmie Some Noise | Gimme Some Noise(Dead Beat Records)2018
Teengenerate | Smash Hits! | Gonna Feel Alright(Estrus Records)1995
Sloppy Seconds | Knock Yer Block Off | Underground(Taang! Records)1993
Vktms | Vktms | Tonguelasher(Broken Rekids)1997
Naked Aggression | Naked Aggression: Recordings 1991-1994 | Plastic World(Broken Rekids)1998
SA90 | Johnny On The Phone | Patient Zero(Screwball Productions)2016
Dwarves | How To Win Friends & Influence People | Anybody Out There(Reptilian Records)2002
Demented Scumcats | Splatter Baby | I Don't Want You (Remix)(Crazy Love Records)2005
The Minestompers | The Minestompers | Demon Twist(Crazy Love Records)2015
The Revelevens | Show Me On The Chicken Where The Music Touched You | Cleaver Slide(Self Release)2006
Nashville Pussy | Let Them Eat Pussy | First I Look At The Purse(Amphetamine Reptile Records)1997
Lonesome Kings | Shotgun Full of Blues | Hell's What I'm Used To(Emerald City Sounds)2003
.357 String Band | Ghost Town | Raise The Moon(Rosa Records)2006

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