GBM 63 - How A Rare Pint May Save Your Life with Rick Lyke of Pints for Prostates


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This is a short series called Beer With Benefits. Armed with a smile and a tasty beer in their hand, these guests are changing the world for the better, one sip at a time.

This one goes out to all the men.

I know… I get it… I’m one of you. We feel the burden of the world on our shoulders. We may even have learned to just toughen up, to walk it off and act like we’re bulletproof. Then one day we realize, we’re not.

It might be an injury that drops us to our knee. It might even be the words, “You have Cancer.” Luckily, when that day comes, there will be a community of men, and women, who will be there to lend a hand, and a rare pint.

My next guest spent his career writing and educating about beer. Now, he uses beer as a means to save the lives of men everywhere.

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