Candidate Spotlight - Preston Gabriel Nelson, Libertarian for Illinois' 8th District


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Preston Nelson (Libertarian Party) is running for election to the U.S. House to represent Illinois' 8th Congressional District. He is on the ballot in the general election on November 3, 2020.

Preston Nelson is a 30 year old Information Technology professional, amateur linguist, and inventor who hates what he sees happening in his government.

Nelson was raised, first as a Christian, and second as a Republican. He has since forsaken the “republican” label, but he clings to his faith, and considers Christian morals as the foundation of his opposition to the Republicrat establishment.

As a child, Nelson cheered when George Bush went after those bad guys in Iraq and Afghanistan, but as an adolescent, he saw through Bush’s war lies, considered politics hopeless, and stopped paying attention.

As a young man, Nelson stumbled across the Libertarian Party (thanks to Ron Paul.) Learning that, compared to the D and R parties, Libertarians in Illinois required 10-times the number of people to sign their petition, just in order to have their names written on the ballot, and further learning that Republican lawyers filed suit against the Libertarian petitions every year in an attempt to nullify them, or at least waste the Libertarians’ time and money in court, Nelson was outraged, and immediately began working in Public Relations for the Libertarian Party of Illinois.

Historically, Libertarian campaigns are a crap shoot, so in 2018, Nelson ran in the Republican Primary against incumbent U.S. Representative Mike Bost. Nelson focused his campaign on 3 issues: Foreign Policy Reform and Bringing Troops Home; Ending Corporate Factory-Farm Subsidies; Monetary Reform to Stop Endless Inflation and Currency Devaluation, and he won 17% of the Republican primary election vote, even while writing “Libertarian” on all of his campaign literature.

This year, Nelson is running Libertarian, in a 2-way race with a incumbent Democrat. His issues remain the same:

  • Ending decades-long wars which now only serve to hurt our global standing, while bankrupting the nation to enrich the Military Industrial Complex
  • Letting people keep their own money, instead of taxing it to give to big agribusinesses which produce unhealthy food
  • Boosting the American economy by balancing the budget, and protecting the Dollar from inflation and devaluation.

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