166: Retention Over Perfection


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"Uy Prax! Ang payat mo na! Anong bang pwede kong gawin para pumayat din?"

"Start ka muna with your diet. Change your breakfast into something healthier. Try mo tong recipe na to."

"Ay yun lang? Papalitan ko yung breakfast ko and then papayat na ko?"

One simple step into losing weight, and losing fat.

But most people would rather do nothing than change their habit one small step at a time.

We want to set out our journey into losing weight, or achieving financial freedom - perfecting every single step necessary into achieving our goals.

In our minds para pumayat ay bukas na bukas dapat 100% plant based ka, exercising 7x a week, and eating a perfect diet during breakfast lunch and dinner.

Sadly, that is a long way to go.

And the thought of doing that often paralyzes us into inaction.

Join us in today's episode as we delve into reaching retention over paralyzing perfection.

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