160 - 50th Anniversary Three Interview Thriller


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This three-interview thriller special is PART ONE of our Goodies' 50th Anniversary celebrations, featuring fun chats with Sarah Le Fevre (Mastermind), Adrian Bishop-Laggett (BBC Senior Sound Supervisor) and Julian Gabriel Clarke (cosplayer with Goodies flair!)

  • Listen to Sarah recall her Goodies grilling on Mastermind! (8:30 to 30:45)
  • Listen to Adrian the sound & music statesman chat about the origin of The Cricklewood Tapes and his time at the BBC, including Hartnell-era Doctor Who! (31:00 to 50:45)
  • Listen to Julian's secrets of creating great Tim costumes, and memories of a special TBT encounter in early 2020! (51:30 to 1:10:15)

It's a fabulous way to kick off the Goodies 50th Anniversary weekend. Huge thanks to our excellent guests for their generosity.

Julian's cosplay on Instagram: instagram.com/changeling_cosplay_iow/ Sarah's online magazine: https://Ludogogy.co.uk Sarah's Twitter: https://twitter.com/ludogogy

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