30:  Easter Special 2019


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We celebrate Easter season with all songs focusing on the Cross and the Empty Tomb.

------------SONG LIST------------
"License To Kill" - Jason Barrows
"Reaching For the Weak" - Paradise Hymns
"His Heart Beats" - Andrew Peterson
"High Priest" - Rivers & Robots
"Death in His Grave" - Audrey Assad
"In Our Place" - Folk Hymnal
"Golgotha Hill (King of Love) - Crowder
"Song of the Risen Son" - As Isaac
"Rolling, Rolling, Rolling" - Jon Guerra
"Movement 3" - The Corner Room
"Man of Sorrows" - Ellie Holcomb
"Christ The Lord Is Risen Today (He Is Not Dead) - Kurtis Parks
"Hammer & Nails" - Weston Skaggs
"The Story" - Katie Heckel
"Hallelujah" - David Isaac Rivers

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