35:  White Heart’s Freedom 30th Anniversary


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It's widely considered one of the highest quality and influential albums in Christian Rock history. We are celebrating the 30th anniversary of White Heart's album "Freedom."

------------------ TRACK LIST ------------------
* "Invitation"
* "Bye Bye Babylon"
* "Over Me"
* "Let The Kingdom Come"
* "Power Tools"
* "The River Will Flow"
* "Sing Your Freedom" [LIVE]
^^ All songs are by White Heart from the album "Freedom" (1989)

-------------- CREDITS --------------
* Host & Producer: Dave Trout
* SPONSOR 1: Joel Ansett - https://is.gd/joelasp
* SPONSOR 2: John Lyzenga - https://is.gd/johnlsp
* UTR's GoFundMe Campaign - http://GoFundMe.com/utrstudio
* Link to White Heart's "Freedom" on Spotify - https://is.gd/freedomsp

---------- SPECIAL THANKS -----------
* John J. Thompson - http://truetunes.com
* Garret Godfrey - http://is.gd/gpwebsite
* Robert Berman - http://worshipmusician.com
* Fan Interviewees: Ken, Ryan, Jeff, Becky, Mark
* New Hope Church in Brentwood, TN
* Mike Trout & Sharon Nelson for introducing me to White Heart

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