44: Debut Artists, pt.2


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If you love new music discovery, this show will fill your tank. We are featuring all artists making their first time debut on a UTR podcast.

------------- TRACK LIST FOR EP.44 --------------
"With God on Our Side" - A Boy and His Kite
"I Found My Hope" - Lovkn
"Headed For The Water" - Wildwood Kin
"We Shall Be Free" - Jason Eskridge
"Londonberry Road" - Ryan Lee Jones
"Pollyanna" - Carly Taich
"I Want to Know" - The Eagle and Child
"Wrong" - Roelant
"Always Faithful" - Allie Paige
"Christ Our King" - Yellowhammer Hymns
"Only On Grace I Stand" - Jordan and Jessa
"Robin Hood" - Jan Krist
"The Commission" - CAIN

------------- CREDITS --------------
* Host/Producer - Dave Trout
* SPONSOR: Paul Demer's Single - https://is.gd/pddownsp
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