50: Stories & Songs, Vol.2


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Songwriters JJ Heller, John Tibbs, & Weston Skaggs share the inspiration behind one of their tracks. Plus new releases from several artists like Taylor Leonhardt, The Oh Hellos, & Sandra McCracken.

----------- TRACK LIST FOR EP. 50 -----------
Zephyrus - The Oh Hellos
Don't Know If I Believe It - Judah (ft. Jon Foreman)
Heartland - John Tibbs
Happy (Or Whatever) - Taylor Leonhardt
Silence - JJ Heller
Caught Me By Surprise - Colony House
The Old Year [2020 Remix] - Eric Peters
Lay My Worry Down - Sandra McCracken
Sun Won't Shine - Weston Skaggs
Circus in the Sky - Lauren Mann

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