Govern America | February 20, 2021 | The Border Doesn't Want to Exist


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"The Border Doesn't Want to Exist" Hosts: Darren Weeks, Vicky Davis Show website: Vicky's Websites: and COMPLETE SHOW NOTES AND CREDITS AT: Listen LIVE Saturdays at 11AM Eastern / 10AM Central / 9AM Mountain / 8AM Pacific at or on your favorite app, search for "Govern America Radio". Text GOVERN to 80123 to be notified of live broadcasts and special reports that occur outside of our regularly scheduled Saturday broadcasts. These transmissions are moved as circumstances warrant. ON THIS SHOW: The New York Times discourages readers from "critical thinking". Nut job Cass Sunstein joins the Biden administration to pursue "conspiracy theorists" as domestic terrorists. Texas has power struggles. Problems with green energy. China expanding its weather modification program. World Economic Forum talks about risks — and how to deal with their opposition. Greta goofs. Planning for the collapse of the nation-states, cities now have their own foreign policy diplomats. Globalists openly advocate for megacities and eliminating borders. NIH still funding biological Wuhan lab experiments in communist China, and more.

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