5: "We hold each other up because of differences..." Mihee Kim-Kort


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“You see us as perpetual foreigner…” Writer and Presbyterian minister Mihee Kim-Kort joins Winnie Varghese and Azariah France Williams for more inspired conversation about God and race ((G)race!). This time, anti-Asian violence and the response of the church; the 2017 Atlanta shootings, Rodney King and white policing … “… that’s what white supremacy does. It makes us enemies out of each other…” How do churches build diversity that go beyond ‘inclusion’, widening the communion table and deepening community? “We don’t stand in solidarity with each other because we have some common struggle… this ‘common experience’, but because of the complexity of our differences. We hold each other up because of those differences. Some things are not going to be easily translated.…” Mihee Kim-Kort is the author of ‘Outside the Lines: How Embracing Queerness Will Transform Your Faith’.

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