300) Kailea Frederick & Kate Weiner: Inspiring cultural shifts through heart-centered storytelling


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About Kate Weiner:

Kate Weiner is the Creative Director of Loam as well as a 2015 Brower Youth Award winner, a 2017 recipient of the John Goddard Prize for Environmental Conservancy, and a 2018 Spiritual Ecology Fellow. Kate was a beneficiary of the Boulder Arts Commission Professional Development Grant and is currently organizing an Artist-Activist-in-Residency at BPL.

About Kailea Frederick:

Kailea Frederick is a mother of Tahltan, Kaska and Black American ancestry. She is a graduate of the International Youth Initiative Program and a Spiritual Ecology and Boards & Commissions Leadership Fellow. She has served twice as a youth delegate to the United Nations Climate Change conferences. Currently, Kailea is the Editor for Loam and the Vice - Chair of the Petaluma Climate Action Commission. You can reach her through EarthIsOhana.com.

Song featured in this episode: Over by Luna Bec

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