March 20, 2020 Update! Happy Spring everyone!


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Hey everyone just checking in and saying hey! I recorded this Thursday March 19, 2020! What a crazy week! I truly believe we are going to come out stronger on the other side. I know it's scary and crazy things are happening, I truly believe the good in humanity and that we should all donate blood if that's a possibility. Our schools all closed Monday, our governor said we were closed Sunday right after I bleached my classroom... and my principal said be ready to teach online when spring break is over (our spring break is 3/20-27/20) in case they ask.

Listeners I know I go oh! at the end, but it was probably just something in my car. I am jumpy! haha... don't panic no big deal... anyway, I will try to post soon. My storage is almost full out!

I did post a good instagram/facebook post of mike's minifarm and his lesson he learned about tarping.

Be safe and Let's Get Growing!

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