31: Eric Peters + Arthur Alligood


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Eric Peters gives us an update about how his family is doing after losing their house to the Nashville tornado on 3/3/20. In the second half, Arthur Alligood joins us to tell us about a new project he is kickstarting now.

------------ TRACKS ON EP.31 -------------
"Farthest Shore" by Eric Peters
"Where The Soul of Man" by Eric Peters
"Ochlockonee" by Arthur Alligood

----------- CREDITS FOR EP.31 -------------
* Host/Producer - Dave Trout
* Eric Peters' website - https://ericpeters.net
* Eric's new hymns album - https://ericpeters.net/album/1705571/earth-has-no-sorrow-2020
* Arthur Alligood's website - https://arthuralligood.bandcamp.com
* Arthur's Kickstarter Campaign (thru 11/2/20) - https://is.gd/aakick
* SPONSOR1: Teressa Mahoney's Kickstarter - https://is.gd/tmkick
* SPONSOR2: The Hedgerow Folk - https://is.gd/thfsp
* UTR & RTA's Hosting Network - https://utrmedia.org/jointhenetwork

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