34: Caroline Cobb + VIP Guests


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Texas-based singer-songwriter Caroline Cobb joins us to talk about her new Advent album "A Seed, A Sunrise." Plus some VIP guests join us to share treasured Christmas memories.

-------------- TRACK LIST FOR EP.34 --------------
* Comfort, Oh Comfort - Caroline Cobb
* Hallelujah, Christ is Born - Caroline Cobb
* I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day - Caroline Cobb (ft. Sean Carter)

-------------- CREDITS ---------------
* Host/Producer - Dave Trout
* Guest: Caroline Cobb - http://carolinecobb.com
* Album: A Seed, A Sunrise [Spotify] - https://is.gd/ccseedsp
* SPONSOR1: Graham Jones - https://is.gd/grahamks
* SPONSOR 2: Andrew Haines - https://is.gd/ahainessp
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