35: Charlie Peacock


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It's difficult to find someone who has had more influence on faith-based music coming out of Nashville than Charlie Peacock. His new (JAN 2021) album "Skin and Wind" is brilliant, and we talk one-on-one with him about the making of his 14th career studio album.

--------- TRACKS PLAYED ON EP.35 ----------
* Faith, Hope, and Love (from "Skin and Wind") - Charlie Peacock
* Skin and Wind is a Mind Bend (from "Skin and Wind) - Charlie Peacock

-------------- CREDITS ----------------
* Host/Producer - Dave Trout
* Charlie Peacock's website - https://charliepeacock.com
* Buy the "Skin and Wind" CD Bundle - https://skinandwind.myshopify.com
* SPONSOR: The Asking - https://is.gd/askingsp
* Email: greenroomdoorpodcast@gmail.com

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