Talking with this Farmer Helped Me Up My Popcorn Game!


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In this episode from the start of season 1, we talk popcorn with Matt Helms who started a popcorn business with his family's farm. A year later they are supplying via specialty shops, the website and have a test market with a local grocery chain. It's perfect for movie nights, watching the big game or just nibbling.

And I have found some great olive oils, chili oil & flavored salts in local shops to really up my popcorn game.

There are different types of popcorn grown on the farm -- heirloom, butterfly and mushroom. And they have different fits for movie theaters, candying and more. He talks through that and the various ways the family enjoys popcorn and gives a tip for a recipe that he says was a hit as a holiday appetizer!

After you listen to the podcast, you may want to check out a video tour on the farm as we learn about moisture testing, a key point in popcorn quality.

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