Homemade Inputs, KNF Basics, Grow Tips, and More, with Doc Calyx


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KNF specialist and IG Cannabis Educator Doc Calyx joins the show to discuss all things KNF, and more! Doc talks about his history in organic growing, and how making his own inputs is something that has totally encompassed his growing style. Doc Calyx shares three simple homemade KNF recipes, including a calcium phosphate input made from discarded bones! This leads to a larger conversation about utilizing waste from your own home in your cannabis garden, and Doc Calyx gives the audience several tips for adding nutrients into their garden, like nitrogen from discarded coffee grounds, calcium from used eggshells, and more! Doc Calyx also highlights the importance of using certain natural products in conjunction with microbes like compost teas- whereas other homemade and KNF inputs can be applied even in a sterile cultivation setting. Make sure to follow Doc Calyx on IG for cannabis education, including his terpene Tuesday streams!

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