SEO Tips to Outrank 9 Figures Business on a Shoestring Budget w/ Jacob Mcmillen


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Jacob McMillen is a freelance copywriter who helps people use writing to build their careers and businesses. He also owns the #1 spot on Google for the highly-coveted keyword, ‘copywriter’. Jacob is here to talk about how he outranks 9-figure businesses on Google Search with a small budget and how you can do the same exact thing.

Tune in to learn how Jacob grew his sales to $25k/month by using simple SEO strategies, a savvy mindset, understanding your search engine, and maximizing time spent on page.

During this interview, we discuss:

2:15 – Jacob’s journey to discovering SEO and copywriting

3:11 – What is copywriting?

3:38 – The Internet’s Best Copywriting Course

4:12 – How long it took for Jacob to rank #1 for the keyword ‘copywriter’

6:01 – How to outrank large companies on Google

12:04 – The importance of being willing to invest your time in SEO research

13:30 – What happens when you rank high for a keyword + How many search inquiries per month does the keyword ‘copywriter’ get?

14:49 – Using a mindset of teaching or instructing in your content + The ranking metric that is one of Jacob’s key to success

18:45 – Having multiple drafts and evolving your content as you get new ideas

20:41 – Don’t assume the market is saturated with SEO… Google adjusts its algorithm frequently!

22:43 – Jacob’s favorite growth tool + How it works

23:08 – His most recommended book

23:48 – How to connect with Jacob

Plus, a whole lot more!


Visit Jacob’s website

Write Bites

The Internet’s Best Copywriting Course


Made to Stick by the Heath Brothers


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