#15 How Steph Smith Made $40K+ from Her Ebook in 1 Month


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Steph Smith doesn’t want you to read her book from beginning to end.

And if there’s a chapter that doesn’t apply to you? Skip it.

In her new ebook, “Standing Out in 2020: Doing Content Right,” Steph takes her learnings of content creation and distribution — from her years of leading content at Toptal and now leading Trends at The Hustle — and distills them into actionable advice.

Aside from her book, we discussed:

  • The myth about successful content creators
  • Figuring out your true differentiator
  • How to reframe your view of SEO

Show Notes:

0:48 - How Steph is ensuring readers get value from their purchase.

5:45 - "Doing Content Right" live sessions.

9:08 - Strategies for distribution and launching an ebook.

14:25 - The importance of building an audience.

17:55 - Steph describes her sense of clarity during the writing process.

22:01 - Your niche = what you’re knowledgeable in + where you can provide value

26:17 - How to find your differentiator (and what The Hustle’s differentiator is).

30:48 - Steph shares the story behind her most shared article, How To Be Great.

36:55 - Comparing yourself to others (hint: don’t do it!)

41:22 - Acknowledging jealousy and turning it into positive action.

45:37 - Reframe your view of SEO to improve your content creation.

52:43 - Most people aren’t focused enough on content distribution.

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Doing Content Right (0:48) (Use code growthmachine to save 25%)

Writing is Thinking: Learning to Write with Confidence (18:10)

NerdWallet (21:12)

Harry Dry (21:17)

David Perell (21:18)

The Hustle - Costco feature (25:35)

Sunday Stories (25:50)

The Hustle (25:58)

Chartr.co (27:32)

Stratechery (28:50)

How To Be Great by Steph Smith (30:08)

I sell onions on the Internet (48:59)

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