How to Create High-Performing Multi-Channel Ads That Resonate With Different Target Audiences with Olivia Smith (GMT109)


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It's easy to launch a Facebook ad. But, optimizing your advertising and getting an amazing return is a different story. If you fail to constantly improve and maintain your Facebook campaigns, chances are that your results will start declining pretty fast. It may even happen in a couple of days after setting up a new ad campaign.
If you want to achieve a higher campaign ROI, lower your advertising costs, and increase the number of conversions, you need to listen to this episode with Olivia Smith, the Growth Marketing Manager at HopSkipDrive. HopSkipDrive is an app that provides a safe, dependable way to get children to where they need to be.
In episode 109, you'll learn:
  1. How did Olivia reduce their Facebook ad's CPA by 65%?
  2. How did they use videos to increase the performance of their social ads?
  3. How is Olivia diversifying their paid ads channel?
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Key Discussion Points
  • [02:38] Olivia Smith's career journey
  • [05:01] What is HopSkipDrive?
  • [07:58] For a two-sided marketplace like HopSkipDrive, which side is harder to acquire?
  • [13:52] Why did the HopSkipDrive move their ad campaign management from an agency to an in-house team?
  • [19:10] How did Olivia reduce their Facebook ad's CPA by 65%?
  • [19:50] How did they use videos to increase the performance of their social ads?
  • [24:05] How are they acquiring parents, schools, and drivers for HopSkipDrive?
  • [26:24] How is Olivia diversifying their paid ads channel?
  • [30:34] Olivia's one piece of advice to marketers

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