Neuromarketing 101: The Proven Formula to Develop a Winning Brand That Attracts Customers Effortlessly with Flavilla Fongang (GMT107)


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In a crowded market, prospects have plenty of options that meet their rational needs. And as your market matures, differentiating your product gets harder and harder. Features and services that once delighted customers become standard. To win your market, you need to move beyond your product. Beyond your prospects’ rational needs. You need to develop a brand that forms an emotional connection.
Enter Flavilla Fongang, the Founder and Managing Director of 3 Colours Rule, a brand strategy and creative agency. In this episode, she shares her proven, repeatable formula to create a winning brand strategy that attracts customers effortlessly and increase your customer lifetime value.
In episode 107, you'll learn:
  1. What is the "Reptilian Brain" and how can brand marketers use that to their advantage
  2. Flavilla's D.A.C. formula for developing a winning brand that attracts customers effortlessly
  3. How can you get press without spending a penny on PR?
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Key Discussion Points
  • [03:04] – How did Flavilla become a brand experience futurist and Founder of 3 Colours Rule
  • [04:45] – How has the relationship of consumers with brands evolved from beyond products and services to something emotional
  • [07:00] – What is the "Reptilian Brain" and how can brand marketers use that to their advantage
  • [12:20] – Flavilla's D.A.C. formula for developing a brand that attracts customers effortlessly
  • [16:07] – What is Flavilla's Beyond Marketing Approach?
  • [22:28] – What are the advantages of building a brand that connects with your target customer?
  • [24:29] – How can you get press without spending a penny on PR?
  • [27:02] – Flavilla's one piece of advice to marketers
  • [29:02] – Where can you find Flavilla's work online?

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