Why Are We Doing This? - The Purpose & Movement Mastermind with Mark Crandall


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Building a community based on the philosophy of giving creates an atmosphere in which everyone receives.

Most Masterminds are founded and operating from a mindset of scarcity. Each member’s ego is fighting for praise, striving to look better than other members, and gain recognition from the Mastermind facilitators.

The Purpose & Movement Mastermind is designed for individuals that want to lead from their hearts and reap the rewards of giving. We seek to nurture an environment in which everyone supports, encourages, and challenges each other to grow and excel at and/or find their calling.

We are excited to #give, not scared to #ask, or #celebrate our community #wins. When one member #wins we all WIN. When we pull each other up we all reach the sky.

To apply for the mastermind go to: www.purposeandmovement.com

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