5-26-20: Mado


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Kool Taj The Gr8 ft. Innocent? - Wild Style

Pete Rock & Camp Lo ft. Talib Kweli - Ladies & Gentlemen

Styles P ft. Cassandra The Goddess - Backpack Rap

Horror City & MiLKCRATE - Vibin'

Gorilla Twins (Ill Bill & Nems) ft. Lord Goat - Shootout At The Cyclone

Soul King - Stay Humble

Carta P. ft. MaxOne & Aaqil Ali - So MV

Passport Rav - Black Love

Little Vic - Carmine Galante

Reks, Termanology & Loman - Panoramic

Taiyamo Denku ft. Pace Won & MC Juice - Lack Design

Level 13 & DJ TMB ft. T la Shawn, Big Wiz & Skrewtape - Skunk Class A

Chanes ft. Miz Korona & Marvwon - 167

Blu - Miles Davis

Miskeen Haleem - Camouflage Giants

Defi Reason & GoodFella Nella - In Btwn Rounds

Tre Eiht - Pray

GeneralBackPain & Cuns ft. MAV & DJ TMB - Villains

SCVTTERBRVIN - Brown Bastard

Mado Interview

Mado - Drug Music

Mado - Seems Like

Foul Mouth ft. Bang Belush, Jypsy, Isaac Castor & Ketch P - Miles Garrett

Chuuwee & Hus Kingpin - Allusion

Ray West & Prince Julius ft. AG (DITC) - Eclectic

Castle Money Beats ft. K Prez - Summer '16

Lyric Jones & Cas 1 - Clock Tick

I.E. Moe - State of Mind

The Quarter Inch Kings & Che Uno ft. Estee Nack - Snow Angels

Clypto ft. Banish Habitual & Ca$ablanca - Kill Switch

Aztec The Barfly - Playing With Fire

Lord Juco & Vago ft. Daniel Son - 3AM At Zets


Daniel Son, DJ Duke & DJ Low Cut - Elk Hunting

Malcolmsef ft. XP The Marxman - True Lies

Final Shoutouts

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