6-2-20: The Real Skitso


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Sareem Poems & Newselph - That's What I'm On

Eclyse - Otherworldly

King Magnetic - That Ain't Gangsta

CloaqXDagger (DNTE & Falcon Outlaw) - High Roller

Defari & DirtyDiggs - Movement

Lezeppo - Kuze

Intikana - Realest Guerrilla

Soulrac & Big Bob ft. Craig G & VVS Verbal - Belly of the Beast

Brothas Keeper (TNV, King Cameelio & Rocdwell) - Doesn't Make Since

Skrewtape - Amsterdam

Superstah Snuk - Frank Gallagher

Innocent? - Yard Talk

Flee Lord & Buckwild - Can't Fuck Wit Flee

Dan.Akill & LuGhz - Back Against the Wall

Certain.Ones - Water

BP & E Class (Hoodies) - R U Proud Of Me

Spit Gemz - Guilty Until Proven Dead

Con$piracy - Nautica Raincoat Pt. 1

Whiteowl & DJ Bombeardo - Angel

Rome Streetz ft. Estee Nack - Higher Self


Rhythm Writers ft. King Magnatic - Hired Gun

Lezeppo ft. Dealwon - Holy Mountain

Str8 Bangaz ft. Milano Constantine & Skyzoo - Sing

Narcy ft. Junia-T - GroundHog Day

L-Biz ft. Planet Asia & Twiz - Move Us

Weapon X (Juxx Diamondz, Dready Kruger, Hazernomical & Grezi Amin) - Tales Of Team X

Conway - Front Lines

GreenTank ft. Ren Thomas - Raw Data

Dray Yard & Certain.Ones - Halftime

Preservation ft. GrandeMarshall - A Scholar's Rock

Obnoxious - Jack Move

The Real Skitso Interview

The Real Skitso - Don't Know the Half

Freddie Gibbs & The Alchemist ft. Benny The Butcher - Frank Lucas

Body Bag Ben & M.O.P - Lord Body

Joell Ortiz - Wolves (BKLYN)

Final Shoutouts

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