12 - When spaced repetition fails, and what to do about it


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The goal of spaced repetition software is to schedule reviews efficiently, delaying as long as possible, but not so long that you forget. But when it comes to language learning, this is often not enough.

Original article: When spaced repetition fails, and what to do about it

Links to things mentioned in this episode (in chronological order): Anki, Pleco, Skritter, Leitner system (Wikipedia), Reading is a lot like spaced repetition, only better, Spaced repetition software and why you should use it, Which words you should learn and where to find them, Supermemo algoritm (Supermemo), Chinese listening strategies: Improving listening speed, Flashcard overflow: About card models and review directions, An introduction to extensive reading for Chinese learners, The most common Chinese words, characters and components for language learners and teachers, Free and easy audio flashcards for Chinese dictation practice with Anki, Is your flashcard deck too big for your own good?

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