Phil Proctor and David Ossman on Firesign Theatre's Return with "Dope Humor of the Seventies" on Vinyl


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Conversation #183, recorded on October 28, 2020. It's a two-parter with the surviving members of the FIRESIGN THEATRE, the great Phil Proctor and David Ossman. As one of the best selling groups of comedy vinyls from the late 60s, including DEAR FRIENDS and DON'T CRUSH THAT DWARF, Phil and David share the details on their first vinyl release in decades entitled DOPE HUMOR OF THE 70s! Featuring 44 tracks and a PDF book of amazing original writing scraps, Phil and David tease their upcoming books, podcasts and digital releases. Hail Satire! is hosted and produced by Vic Shuttee. Further credits at - Big thanks to Robert Price for our original theme music and Brendon Duran for the Hail Satire! logo design.

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