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Halfway 2 Nowhere Beer and Coffee Podcast - #2

Special Guest: Lee Grabham - Head Brewer and Co-Owner

In this episode, we talk about three of Brew York's beers, going into detail about the story of the beers and why they're so important to the brewery. This week's beers:

  • Goose Willis - 5.3% Gooseberry Fool Sour
  • Tonkoko - 4.3% Milk Stout
  • Fairytale of Brew York - Christmas Ale

Being my local brewery, this was a really exciting episode, talking Brew York's strategy behind brewing, talking about why Lee loves brewing sours and stouts so much and of course discussing the world beating milk stout, Tonkoko.

Lee's ultimate beer tasting was exceptional! The first person to take on the challenge, he was only allowed to choose one Lager, IPA, Pale, Sour and Porter to drink ever again! With some hard thought, some belting beers were chosen including beers from Yorkshire, Barcelona, Netherlands and more.

We end the episode how all episodes end, every guest must pick a set of songs to enter the H2N Podcast Playlist. A big rock fan, Lee took us into Slipknot territory, but you'll have to listen to it all to find out what he chose.

Recorded via Zoom Recording. Artwork by Adam Graver.
Find beers from Brew York available for national delivery at https://brewyork.co.uk/product-category/our-beer/
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