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WARNING: in this episode we discuss a movie that deals with sexual themes including sexual violence and mentions of self-harm. Feel free to skip this one if you do not want to hear these topics.

Drive to the lake and sit in your car’s headlights, because we’re talking about IT FOLLOWS! And in this episode we get deep with heavy discussions of sexual themes and politics but ALSO we laugh at some funny sounds our mouths accidentally make and talk about actors whose muscles make us very happy. Color theory! Symbolic imagery! Thematic camera choices! We’re talking filme, baby!

Hosted by Cody (@codymonster91) and Kira (@heykirahey). Follow Halloweeners on Instagram and Twitter @halloweenerspod. Our theme music is by Apres Pompeii (@aprespompeii), episode artwork is by Liah Paterson (@atenderwitch), and header artwork is by Marc Christoforidis (

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