S02 E20: TOW Movies and Mustaches


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In this special episode, we're TOGETHER (E visited H in Florida this week) and discussing TOW Old Yeller Dies. We're drinking Ben's Favorite cocktails (our take on pink lemonade with an elderflower twist) and discussing Phoebe's disturbing realization that her mother "saved" her from cinematic sadness, how Joey and Chandler want to be just like their new "dad," and how Ross is a tad toxic in planning his ENTIRE future with Rachel, even though they've only been dating for a few weeks.

Along the way, we discuss: Southwest snowflakes, whether beer and apple pie would taste good together, Dutch ebelskivers, sad movies (especially around Christmastime), and how cool it would be to share a set of pajamas (not with each other, mind you).

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