TOW a Smooch, "The Sound," and a Secret Subplot


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S04 E07 - TOW Chandler Crosses the Line

00:03:11 — is “anise” pronounced “a-NEESE” or “AN-iss”?

00:08:36 — Elizabeth’s favorite way to make eggs: low-maintenance and full of flavor!

00:14:38 — The color eggplant is the only eggplant Elizabeth cares for

00:16:38 — The NEVER SEEN ON NETWORK subplot of Rachel dining out on her own!!

00:18:10 — Dining out alone: Elizabeth says “Yay!” and Heather says “No way!”

00:29:20 — Why doesn’t Chandler remember being in a band with Ross in college?

00:34:20 — Why is Monica wearing a cross?

00:39:24 — Does Treeger know about Chick and Duck now?

00:44:28 — How long-sleeved t-shirts make great “muffles,” aka “shirt meringues”

00:55:42 — The guys do NOT have two microwaves

00:58:33 — Chandler not knowing that everyone else thought he should talk to Joey about liking Kathy is a great example of letting your loved ones make their own mistakes!

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