TOW Christina Pickles, Pickle Juice, and a Pickle of a Situation


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S04E03 - TOW the Cuffs

Signature Beverage: Geller Gherkin

00:02:08 — Heather explains our inexplicably savory cocktail for this week

00:13:07 — Joey’s uncharacteristically clever way of describing the “activity” level in Chandler’s bedroom

00:13:54 — Chandler’s jeopardizing Rachel’s career … just to get laid

00:18:11 — Joey scraping off gum into a mug … would YOU use that mug again?

00:20:12 — Super outdated plot line: selling ENCYCLOPEDIAS DOOR-TO-DOOR

00:23:10 — Elizabeth explains the meaning of the flashback references to “unconstitutional,” “Nobel Prize,” and “Algonquin Kids Table”

00:39:10 — Why is Chandler answering Joanna’s work phone?

00:40:55 — This whole “Chandler stuck in handcuffs” plot line is pretty thin…

00:43:00 — Walkman to Discman to iPod to iPhone: A History

00:48:15 — Two Monica’s Corner moments from Penn, featuring text-pointing and page-turning

00:57:52 — “The Legend of Milton Berle’s Supposedly Giant D**k”

01:02:51 — Heather’s Barenaked Ladies shout-out

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