TOW Monica the Pirate, Chandler the Contortionist, and Phoebe the Butter-Lover


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S04 E08 - TOW Chandler in a Box

Signature Beverage: Va Fa Daiquiri

00:04:25 — A Not on Network moment that features a classic David Schwimmer voice crack!

00:19:50 — Extra butter, brown sugar, marshmallows … what do you put in your sweet potatoes?

00:23:19 — Where did Joey get all the boxes?

00:24:36 — Our thoughts on TVs in the bedroom

00:29:27 — We break down the origins of the phrase, “Va fa Napoli!”

00:39:20 — The story behind Rachel’s “Greek tragedy” comment

00:45:30 — If you’re wearing an eye patch, but you have a date, do you do your eye makeup on the covered eye?

00:54:20 — Would you date an ex’s son?

00:58:00 — Do you get offended if someone wants to return or exchange a gift you’ve given them?

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