02.22.21 (MP3): Gearhead News - Don't Hold Your Breath for Electric Mail Trucks, Self-Disassembling Broncos (& the Corporatethink At Fault), Ford VS the NRA, F-35 VS F-16 VS F-15 VS A-10, Imagine a 2000-Year Old Car, + Bye Bye Fry's


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Gearhead News #2: you ought'a know this.

- The gov't wants to waste more of your money on the barely solvent USPS with electric mail vans (because windmills worked out so well).

- Ford's new Broncos are falling apart because of a shortage of bolts (did management forget how to?).

- Archeologists dug a chariot out of Pompeii's pyroclastic cement (would your Camaro last that long?).

- The F-35 keeps getting its ass handed to it by 30-year old planes.

- Ford is worried that the NRA's bankrupsty will cost them 150-so cars.

- The Chinese bat plague just killed Fry's.

On top of stories about cars, trucks, beers and guns, we've got Thomas Edison, bikes and cars on Palomar, Lemmy & Limbaugh, and Trinity Brewing Company's DDH-45 on sip.

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