05.30.20: Because Junkyard! Bring the Right Tools for Junkyard Winning (& Rules for Good Junkyard Carma - sic!), w/ Killer Tracks by Primus, Straits, Waits, Colour, Snail, Sword, FTM, M'Deth, Volbeat, 16-Volt, Circle & Astro-Man


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You don't hit the junkyard to look at stuff, it's about parts. Oh, wait, you totally go to geek out on cool bits you don't need, then rush to get everything you came for after wasting an hour fiddling with a set of pulleys that don't fit anything you own. The Garage Hour goons are here to help: a list of tools you need to succeed at the bone yard.

Don't worry, it's easy - not what you should get, but what you should bring. There's also a great layer of rock and/or roll, with Primus (Lee Van Cleef!), Dire Straits, Tom Waits, Living Colour, Snail, Sword, Faith No More, Piece Machine, Megadeth, Volbeat, 16-Volt, Perfect Circle and Man Or Astro-man.

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