06.14.20: Tips for Building Your First AR-15, w/ Tools & Tricks, Books & Blocks, + Banning Liquor & Gun Stores (So Much for the ATF), 2A in Europe & Waiting-Period Tantrums for Hipsters & Ignoramuses


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"Like a good neighbor, stay over there!"

The Garage Hour goons have been helping friends and neighborlings make their home more secure (#becausegearhead!), and for many (really many) neighborites, that means finally figuring how to turn all those AR parts they bought into a happy, healthy bouncing baby rifle.

We'll get you set up with some good ideas on tools you'll need and tools you'll have, greases and oils, benches and devices, plus the need for a knowledgeable friend (geek!) and a good book for all the steps and some of the tricks. The Garage Hour's got you covered.

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