07.04.20 (MP3): July Fourth is for Freedom (Like Every Other Day in America): Now, How to Celebrate? Go Shoot, Go Camp, Fly Your Flag & Fly Your Freak, + Freeing Seattle's Soy Zone w/ Vets & Bikers


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Gearheads love freedom - freedom to roam, freedom to experiment, freedom to build a Porsche or Chevy or Toyota or Yugo, freedom to blow up pricey parts and then buy more and blow them up too. The Gearhead Consultancy got together at Freedom:30 Arms to figure out what to set loose - explosively or otherwise - on THIS Fourth of July.

How about some recreational shooting? Family guns? Camping in the woods (versus glamping and tramping)? American flags (and where to put 'em)? What about your freedom to vacation somewhere and stay there? ...And introducing Silent Sean.

Episode pic courtesy of Warren Brown.

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