08.10.20: Summer Gearhead Season w/ Care & Feeding Tricks for K&N Filters, Popped Radiators & Blown Bearings, Podcast Logic, + Introducing Garage Hour's Explosion of the Week


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You don't crawl, carve, peel or plink your way into the dog days of summer without a little preventative maintenance (and some expensive new parts). The Gearhead Consultancy took a few minutes to break down the cleanup of K&N (and K&N-style) gauze-based filters, including a few tricks from the diesel universe about getting your cotton (elements) their whitest.

There's more than filters in this one: tales of exploded radiators and exploding neighborhoods (stop trying to blow up your neighbors and just give the fertilizer to the plants next time), primers of upcoming episodes (shopping for gun parts in a seller's market), and other assorted Garage Hour goodness. #Becausegearhead!

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