08.28.20 (MP3): Pike's Peak Hillclimb Hangout, w/ Danger-Close Hard Launches by Schranz's Open-Class Stock Car & Schmidt T-A Mustang, PPIHC History & Perspective, Tales of the Pavement, + Chats w/ Road/Race Engineering (Supporting the Kobayashi 911 GT3)


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#Becauseracecar! It's hillclimbing season (when isn't it?) and the PPIHC is running its chop fluey-addled rescheduled race. It's a little weird being fan-free ('cause kung flu), but the racers are here to race - folks like Dallenbach, Vahsholtz, Zwart, Yoshihara, Donahue, Schranz and more are running everything like a carbon-fiber Z, JZ'd BR-Z, open-wheel this and 50-year old that, Camaros and Mustangs, factory Acuras, and Porsches by the pound. Power is thick: V8s from the junkyard, blown everything, twin-turbo'd straight-six Buicks and VQs, with diesel power, ethanol power and even - heh - nine-volt power.

Jump on board - Hostus Maximus Justin Fort is trackside and grabs as much as iPhonely possible, which turns out to be tons of surprsingly good audio. Now you go do something fast and awesome.

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