09.01.20 (MP3): Race Recap @ Pike's Peak Hillclimb - Stories from George's Corner & Glen Cove, w/ Vahsholtz (Winning Open-Wheel Ford), Donahue (Wrecked Porsche GT2), Schranz (Turbo'd Stock-Car Threat), + More Exotic Road-Race Awesomeness


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So much good (hillclimb) stuff! The Garage Hour supported this year's PPIHC as a race official and, like usual, lending a helping hand also provided one of the best seats in the house for this iconic American race. Drivers, racecars, crashes, a lot of stunningly powerful hillclimb cars (OE-based and homebrew specials) and a little bit of weather, everything from ethanol to diesel and race-gas by the gallon - so much good race.

This might be one of the cleanest PPIHCs in decades - few crashes, with legit winners and mind-blowing car-control, and the Garage Hour goons were there.

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