09.12.20: What's Happened to Used Cars & Trucks? Value Drives Worth: Increasing Prices, Tons of Selling, w/ Good Stuff Going Fast & Great Deals for Gearheads... Using Craig's, Bring-A-Trailer & Online Forums, + The Night Stalker Social Convention (WTF?)


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Used cars and trucks - tons of fun get-theres and gearhead entertainment from the candy stores at Craig's List, Bring A Trailer and 100 other used-retail platforms... Americans and geeks of all stripes (Garage Hour listeners, the lot) want to get out and do stuff because they're done with their useless governors' useless masks. We have a good idea why - let's skillset this thing together.

There's a lot of good buys out there, from indestructible luxobarges to undefeated SUVs, handy econoboxes and heavy-duty trucks - and NONE of them are a hybrid. Let's go drive stuff.

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