09.21.20 (MP3): Road Trip to Chi-Town & Attitude Performance -Project Trucks, FEADs, Lasers, Broken Driveshafts & Melted Pistons, Plasti-Dip Miatas & Retro Paint, SEMA Fails (& China Invasion), Jeep Suspension & SAS Kits @ the New Bronco, +Bad Computer...


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Put professional gearheads together and good tales from the crazy old days (back when SEMA was still business and not a car party) flow, with the Gravedigger, OE rules for dollar trucks, and all the plans Matt has up his sleeve to rescue 2020 from itself. Find this guy if you're in the Chicago area - he's one of the best.

Matt Dinelli of Attitude Performance (with Mini Matt on-air too, whether he likes it or not), the Garage Hour talks about the new shop, attack racoons and trash pandas, lizards in the walls, musical cars, boating accidents, and why the Chicagoland metroclot is a suburb in search of a better city.

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