Ep #148 - Connection Not Perfection with Amy Cox


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We worry we're not doing enough for them, then we worry we're doing too much for them.

We feel bad we don't play enough with them, and then we worry about all the other things we need to get done while we play with them.
Motherhood is full of contrasts - and doubt.

But what if we dropped all of those expectations of perfection, and actually began to see what our children really need:

And not just connection with them, but with ourselves too.

Motherhood is a chance to reparent yourself - and find within you what you are missing too.

And in this episode with mama of four, former award-winning teacher, and creator of Playful Families, Amy Cox shares with us how she has discovered that learning how to 'play' with your kids is actually just the beginning... what it really opens up is an acceptance of not only your child's uniqueness, but your own.

You can find out more about Amy's phenomenal approach to play and motherhood here - http://Playfulfamilies.com/manifesto

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